LIS365 has comprehensive features that stand out to meet the demands of unique lab environments in this latest release, which includes:

  • Rules-based technology, configurable rules improve efficient workflows and error-proofing by aiding in decision making throughout the testing process.
  • LIS365, an interactive dashboard that allows users to view laboratory performance metrics, eliminating manual processes and increasing efficiency.
  • An interface monitoring tool, that includes user alerts to ensure that all interfaces are functioning as intended. This allows user to define fail parameters such as file counts, export queue pending count and export queue pending minutes.
  • LIS365 has comprehensive report functionality that enables us to memorize reports, which can be saved, grouped on main screen and accessed via tile.LIS365 has comprehensive report functionality that enables us to memorize reports, which can be saved, grouped on main screen and accessed via tile.
  • LIS365 provides sample receiving at the Requisitions Menu for streamlined access by lab personnel.
  • Quality Control Management, which eliminates the extra steps required to order daily QC.
  • Extremely scalable, flexible, and customizable, outstanding support and services organization.

User-Friendly Interface

  • Interactive and user-friendly dashboards to view panel count trends, panel counts and turnaround times. Simple keys are used to eliminate excessive navigation and streamline workflow.
  • LIS365 Interface Supports bar-code and label printers.
  • Interfaces to billing module, daily patient Check In, Patient Module and more.
  • LIS365 Interface supports standards of HL7, ASTM, TCP/IP and other protocols
  • LIS365 interface monitor allows user to define fail parameters, file counts and service down minutes.
  • User notifications via email or printed alerts.

Storage System

  • LIS365 built on Microsoft SQL, cloud enabled LIS with segmented design to support high volume.
  • High- availability and disaster recovery.
  • Fast processing times for active, historical and QC data.
  • Results live online for more than 60 million of patients.
  • No downtime.
  • Maximum scalability offered using Multi-tier structure with web connectivity.

Rules based Technology

  • Configurable rules to acquire workflow needs throughout the testing process.
  • Unlimited user-defined rules.
  • Customized features to increase efficiency.
  • Database filtering prior to query.

Result and Report Delivery

  • LIS365 provides flexible options to set up auto-delivered reports with multiple formats.
  • LIS365 can import and export data from other databases.
  • LIS365 supports CPT, ICD-9 and ICS-10 codes system.
  • LIS365 can edit results which includes audit trails and more.
  • Displays previous orders and previous results automatically.
  • Displays summary reports with graphing.
  • LIS365 can produce and deliver reports In-house, through Fax, web and more.
  • It has comprehensive reporting functionality which includes memorized reports, reports can be grouped and saved on the main screen or it can be accessed via tile.
  • Batch Reports can also be memorized.

Quality Control Management

  • Extensive support for configurable Westgard rules to achieve the laboratories Quality Assurance objectives.
  • Levey-Jennings graphs will be maintained and displayed precisely along with perceptive rules to monitor QC.
  • Displays Levey-Jennings charts automatically.
  • control levels checking.
  • User-defined date range summary reports.
  • Automatic QC analysis and flagging per expected Values.
  • Order less QC eliminates the need to order all QC materials in LIS365
  • LIS365 stores QC results completely, not only summaries.

Molecular Diagnostics & Testing

Data & information management, Reporting and integrations are important segments of an efficient MDx lab LIS. LIS365 for Molecular Diagnostics not just addresses these requirements, it surpasses them.

Speedy outgrowth in molecular diagnostic (MDx) testing and integral administrations is being driven by the headway in human genotyping and a change to a value-based care model. This expansion is generating information and workflow management, compliance, reporting and testing modality compensation policy issues that must be settled for today's MDx labs to flourish.

Regardless of whether your facility is an initial phase MDx laboratory, an organized lab encountering growth, or an organized lab hoping to increase efficiencies and grow new income streams, LIS365 is the ideal solution.


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