The Future And Challenges Of Lab Information Systems

A patient-oriented approach and positive patient experience may be the reason why some labs in the city are the absolute favorites the others. This is the trend but to an extent. What will happen when almost all labs compete for the patients to follow the same strategy, what will be the one thing that will bound to set your lab apart from the clutter?

It is the Lab Information System that is going to get you apart from the clutter. Yes, automation is the experience that everyone wants. A seamless system where everything is feasible. Schedule management, report management, and medical lab accuracy, things are error-free and automated.

A lot is being said and talked about Laboratory Information System what should be the questions from the future of the LIS? We have some words from experts:

Manageability and Independency

Growth in the medical lab business becomes easy when we have the Laboratory Information System (LIS) is cloud-based collections initiation and reports generation becomes easy and manageable when all essential data is available in one place. All centers can be supervised from one single platform while they may function independently.

Avoid Shortness of Supplies

The worst can be asking patients to revisit when your lab is running out of supplies. The new medical Laboratory Information System can help to end stealing and unnecessary spending consumption-based inventory alerts should allow purchase through predictive reordering and expiration alerts.

Sample Tracking

A Lab Information System enables you to fully track your real-time samples and track your inventory. As we know, no one likes to be kept in the dark in the era of technology.   

Flag Visualization

An essential to have for a modern Laboratory Information System is automatic visual flags for quick comparison of results in real-time against defined clinical standards.

Automatic Data Transfer

Integration of Lab equipment and devices on a single platform, lab operations improve exponentially. This allows automatic transfer of data from devices to the Laboratory Information System, eliminates manuals effort, oversight, and reducing errors.

Seamless Consolidation

Preference is the freedom of choice and that is what Laboratory Information System Software should provide. From the old days LIS was designed for planned applications and devices, the systems have moved to be device and application agnostic. So, it may not matter if you use a different application for Revenue Cycle Management, the LIS will be able to collect order data from the vendor of your choice and publish accurate values.

Today, the LIS industry is facing challenges that did not exist ever before. To manage operations in such situations, a robust, nimble, quick, and modern LIS is needed – but what is the solution to these challenges?

The answer is LIS365!

LIS365 is a result of the team’s rich experience of 2 decades in the healthcare IT domain. LIS365 not only addresses the laboratory’s current needs and pain areas but also offers unmatched power and flexibility of cloud computing, scalability for multi-center and multi-device operations, and real-time control & monitoring of labs from a remote center.

Embrace LIS365 to expand your business, process more samples, and increase your revenues dramatically.