LIS365 Customer Engagement

Facilitate your Client Commitment Process

LIS365 Customer Engagement has Comprehensive Features

Stand out to meet the demands of unique lab environments which includes:

  • Rules-based technology, configurable rules improve efficient workflows and error-proofing.
  • LIS365, an interactive dashboard that allows users to view laboratory performance metrics.
  • An interface monitoring tool, that includes user alerts to ensure that all interfaces are functioning as intended.
  • LIS365 has comprehensive report functionality that enables us to memorize reports.
  • LIS365 provides sample receiving at the Requisitions Menu for streamlined access by lab personnel.
  • Quality Control Management, which eliminates the extra steps required to order daily QC.
  • Extremely scalable, flexible, and customizable, outstanding support and services organization.

Increase Efficiency

LIS365 Customer Engagement solution can streamline many customer engagement and administrative tasks. Integrating your systems for appointment scheduling, patient transfers and discharges, and bill processing can save valuable time and effort that can be better channeled toward patient’s care. With a CRM solution, vital information transfers become automatic and almost instantaneous, lost lab reports and vast piles of paper can become a thing of the past, and you can even track and monitor your inventory of supplies in real-time as medications are administered and other supplies are used. Improve Costs and Collections LIS365 Customer Engagement can significantly reduce the human interface for various tasks. As many of these once time-consuming tasks become more automated, our operational costs drop, because we can do more with fewer man-hours. Properly implemented and used, the LIS365 CE can also help us identify solutions to cut costs in other areas of your organization. For example, integrated stock management can allow us to reduce stock outages and inventory costs. Collections can be increased as documentation is improved and claims submission processes are organized.

Client Management

LIS365 Customer Engagement helps you to record key client information over numerous channels and in addition aggregate data & information form all your back-office operations.

LIS365 Customer Engagement-Account

Panel Management

LIS365 Customer Engagement provides the ability to group Tests into Panels, using the Panel management. Panel testing is also a useful tool to evaluate the proficiency of laboratory technicians.

LIS365 Customer Engagement-Panel

Reports Management

LIS365 Customer Engagement has generally been characterized as a single comprehensive piece of solution that manages lab workflow, reporting and billing.

LIS365 Customer Engagement-Report