Laboratory Issues and Digital Solutions

Laboratory Information System (LIS) shows up as the best digital solution to many issues of clinical laboratories, it helps in processing, storing, and managing all sorts of data from medical processes to tests. Physicians and lab technicians prefer LIS to serve several Inpatient and Outpatient medical requirements include chemistry, immunology, and microbiology. LIS commonly contains components that are useful in managing patient check-in, order entry, specimen processing, result entry, and patient statistics. LIS stores and tracks the medical history of patients in the Database in case of future requirements. The main purpose of LIS is to reduce time spent cut errors, Solve laboratory Issues and provide Digital Solutions and secure the information of patients for the better treatment of patients with efficiency and accuracy.

Issues Laboratories Facing

For better revenue generation, there must be a parallel decrease in and expense and overall time consumption. management of whole laboratory operations such as appointment scheduling, medical billing, appointment booking, test sample collection, and delivery can be pathetic if there is no pattern or path to follow. Below are the five main problems that a laboratory faces.

  • Takes too much time in tracking samples.
  • Lack in the significance of critical reports.
  • Mismanaged logistics.
  • Human errors.
  • Less increase in revenue.
  • Huge expenses.
  • Unscaled business growth.

Digital Solutions (LSI365) Best Around the Globe.

Working in a clinical laboratory gets your interest in chemistry, biology, computers, and medicines. LSI 365 clinical laboratory can help in clinical trials, analyses samples collected in clinical care or research. There are some of the Laboratory Issues and there Digital Solutions.

Patients Details

It has an automated and consolidated system that allows total visibility of clinical lab performance expectations and instantly resolves issues. Its patient information module is designed to achieve patient information data-enhanced customer services and experiences. It provides a recording of patient inquiries, maintains call records, Flag accounts that require follow-up. 

Financial operations

Patient’s insurance claims are needed to be verified by the labs. False claims need to be resubmitted to prevent payment delays. LIS365 offers labs the insurance billing flexibilities directly, it prevents physicians from the strain of entering information themselves specialized functionality and rules to meet the payer requirements.

Patient Invoice and Expense

It provides a secure patient billing method and sending of patient statements. Payments statements of patients can be shared by post or by submission electronically to be paid online.

Care for Life

Every second is important when it is the matter of handling test reports indicates the value that brings a threat to a patient’s life. LIS365 features a panic alert solution that enables the system to send an automated alert to the referring physician, the doctor now can make immediate actions on their critical patients, which serves as a life-saving function.

Quick Business Scales

Growth in lab business becomes simple with LIS365. It allows lab owners to manage various centers on a single, secure platform while they function independently.

Its error-free reports, speedy results, quality lab management, and utility of consumables, are some of the benefits of a laboratory information system (LIS).