We partner with our customers to capture the highest value of LIS365 from implementation to go-live and beyond. Improve your laboratory's efficiency

It’s simply a fact that while many laboratories have a laboratory information system (LIS), many do not use their LIS to its most total capacity and value – and in many cases, just a tiny part of the functionality is utilized. Typically, a LIS selection process includes defining the requirements for the LIS within the lab and generating a list of the features that the laboratory intends to implement and use. The objective of the selection process is to adopt a system that will improve laboratory efficiency and the overall quality of diagnostic testing.

But whether it’s deciding to delay implementation of certain functionality during the build phase or failing to absorb the necessary training on the system entirely, labs often inadvertently never realize the total value of their LIS and ultimately sacrifice the return on their LIS investment.

Capture the Highest Value of Your LIS Solution

At LIS365, we see some commonly neglected functionalities among our customers when they leave one LIS system and choose LIS. From day one, we partner with our customers to capture the value of the LIS solution from implementation to go-live.

Here are a few of the most neglected LIS modules that create inefficiencies for laboratories.

System Interfacing

Current LIS must be very agile to integrate with laboratory equipment and external third-party software (e.g., electronic medical records and billing systems). Every clinical laboratory requires systems integration to smooth processes, ensure data accuracy, and timely data transfer. The LIS365 team has developed robust interfaces with nearly every instrument manufacturer (with no additional middleware required) and tools and processes to ensure quickly and reliably. If your LIS is not interfaced with all laboratory equipment and standard healthcare software systems in use, your laboratory is sacrificing full automation and operating with costly inefficiencies.

Operational Reporting

Whether sales, operational data, or billing data, the management of a lab depends on data to run the business daily. We believe if the data is in the LIS, then it should be both accessible and reportable. The LIS365team has helped many laboratories develop operational reports that help drive insights and efficiencies. It’s a critical piece of functionality not to be overlooked with your LIS partner.

Result Reports

A sophisticated LIS can generate graphically rich patient test results reports that leave a positive impression about your laboratory’s brand and, above all, make the patient result easier to understand. Even though most LIS solutions can create test result reports, many laboratories send out bland and boxy reports, which is not the message most diagnostic laboratories want to communicate to their clients. A couple of weeks contributed to your LIS accomplice planning an outwardly engaging test outcome report that will deliver profits for your research facility’s image.

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