Buy or Build a Laboratory Information System? What to do?

Modern-day diagnostic companies are making strong efforts for the achievement and maintenance of in-house effectiveness and efficiency. Laboratory Information System has made great strides in the recent time and has become an integral part of all the lab functionalities.

Lab concerned authorities and managers are now tempted into making a wise decision which is to either come up with a bespoke Laboratory Information Management System or choose an already build system from the market.

Whichever option one goes for, both have their positives and negatives, pros and cons. Also, there are some situations where the pros and benefits of one option overshadow the advantages of the other option completely.

Realistically saying, the buy versus opting for bespoke solutions is based on three main aspects and these are:

  1. Time
  2. Cost
  3. Control

Although, it can sometimes be quite difficult to make a decision as buying a Laboratory Information System (LIS) is also based on some sub-factors of the above mentioned main ones. These sub-factors (combined with the main factors) actually define the advantages and disadvantages of the decision.

Following are some of the factors that act as a guide and need to be seriously considered before making a choice. Let’s go through them briefly.

Functionality of Laboratory Information System.

Is the desirable function easily achieved in the present time and also in the time to come? Can it be compared with the already built Laboratory Information System?


One of the main sub-factors is quality. Is the desired solution in-line with the Quality Assurance Metrics? Has it got the capability to perform according to the expectations of the users?

User & System Documentation

Does the latest LIS solution have the capacity to deliver complete and appropriate end-user training and documentation? Is the system architecture clearly documented i.e. in case the person or company developing it stops doing so, can it be taken forward by a new party?

Maintenance & Support

Is the staff dedicated for the maintenance and support always ready and updated? Has the company allocated an extra amount for any unforeseen or unfortunate minor incidents?

Time to Market & Budget

Is the project going to be completed in the allocated or desired budget and timeframe?

Facilities, Security & Business Continuity

Is there any facility where the solution can be hosted? Is the system capable to fully support the needs of the business in the domain of security, disaster recovery, and business continuity? Will the company be able to handle the system or what will be the backup plan in case the leader leaves the company?

We are fully aware of the fact that how important a Laboratory Information System is for any lab. Keeping in view the significance of LIS, the above-mentioned factors need to be considered, planned thoroughly and resourced properly, irrespective of the solution provider i.e. commercially built system or custom built in-house.

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