Advanced Clinical And Medical Lab Information Systems Software In 2019

Our extensive consulting and in-depth analysis has helped many clients to automate their Advanced Laboratory Information Management System Software. The team at AXGuru has worked onsite with client team in ord

er to understand their business process and proposed a solution to automate their Laboratory System.

Important Features Of The Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS) Software

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Storage System
  • Rules based Technology
  • Result and Report Delivery
  • Quality Control Management

    This system offers a range of customizable features to serve the purpose of maintaining the laboratory information management system.


    This will be a web-based solution that will retrieve data from client database and/or from various machine related information as per client requirement from cloud. It will also help to notify admin about machine situation and its maintenance requirements.


    Collected Lab Billings

    This module will list all the collected lab billings of the patient.

    Daily Summary

    This module will provide the complete information about lab test, bill, amount etc.

    Labs Inventory

    This module manages all lab inventory. For example, tracking of equipment’s used in a particular test.

    Billing Reports

    This module manages all types of billing reports like Insurance, deposit reports etc.

    Patient Reports

    This module manages all patient reports in one folder.

    Lab Reports

    This module manages and stores all lab reports or test reports we do in our laboratory.


    Technologies are Microsoft ASP.Net, SQL Server 2017, and Microsoft Azure for cloud based deployment, Power BI for reporting.


    The online LIMS system was successfully launched after a year and a half of development. AXGuru dedicated team has already developed a comprehensive solution. We are continuously developing and innovating new functionalities and features for achieving the customer’s business objectives.